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Best windows phone apps by rudy huyn the geek tricks. Former windows phone and uwp developer rudy huyn is now. Upload picture and videos on instagram, apply filters, tag your friends, view posts on a map, etc. Snapchat for windows 10 mobile hinted by rudy huyn for. Windows phone gets its own instagram app, unofficially cnet. After using windows phone on and off since its introduction in 2010, ive grown frustrated enough to. The main concern with multiwindows app is that its very easy to make them crash, due to a limitation of xaml. Out of them, rudy huyn s 6tin is perhaps the most popular one and today it has grabbed a new update. Vine app 6sec by rudy huyn is in beta and i got the invite.

Android and ios port tools will be good enough to help, but no real threat to windows developers. So, yesterday, microsoft announced 2 new tools, an android app converter and an ios app converter and you perhaps saw me in the video. Lets imagine an application with 2 windows a and b, each window contains a textblock element with the text property binded using standard or native binding to the same. Download apps for your windows phone instantly to your smartphone.

Microsoft today crowned its next app star, awarding the title to rudy huyn for his windows phone wikipedia app. Proshot is a featurepacked lens app with such an intuitive ui it can be enjoyed by the professional photographer and the weekend warrior alike. The app is well made like all other apps from rudy and packs some exclusive features even missing from official tinder apps. Over the last few years, popular windows phone developer rudy huyn has been consistently releasing high quality apps on our beloved platform such as the thirdparty instragram client 6tag. A selfproclaimed windows phone addict whose apps have been downloaded more than 16 million times, rudy huyn is one of the platforms most prolific developers. Updates can still be distributed for apps with windows 8.

The championship round between proshot by eddie kezeli and wikipedia by rudy huyn was highly competitive. Passionate windows developer, rudy huyn, shares how he. After i installed it, i couldnt search any episode. Developer rudy huyn brings apps to the people the official. Snapchat is a popular photo and video sharing application which is supported in. I just bought a lumia 730, and this led to my first tryst with windows phone. Android and ios developers are my new friends rudy huyn. He is a french developer for windows phone and an avid microsoft mvp, whose apps have been downloaded over 15 million times. Rudy huyn pulls tvshow app temporarily from windows phone.

Would be nice if you could find this app on android and iphone. A new app called 6tag aims to fill the bill, and its catching on. What to do when theres no official instagram app from facebook. Rudy huyn, one of the most well known third party windows phone app creators. Windows phone app master rudy huyn working on a secret app. Feb 26, 2015 its still lacking features offered by that official apps in ios and android. Check out these windows phone apps that are just as. Apr 19, 2018 for example, rudy huyn s 6tag has been killing it lately together with new one.

Developer rudy huyn brings apps to the people the ai blog. New version of 6tag surpasses capabilities of official. Star windows phone developer rudy huyn has weighed in on the project astoriaproject islandwood news, which makes it easy to port ios and android apps to windows phone. Cortana, store and rudy huyn apps dont work anymore over. Starting a rudy huyn app just gives me the splash screen for a eternity and until i close the app via the app switcher or it crashes after maybe ten seconds. Sign up for your own profile on github, the best place to host code, manage projects, and build software alongside 40 million developers. My lumia 1520 died while it was taking an update and it bricked the device.

Rudy huyn is a web developer who is having tussle with snapchat lawyers ever since he developed snapchat third party app 6snap for windows phone users. Herere some of the most popular and free best hookup apps for iphone and android smartphones. And the best part of the huyns effort is that it looks his plans is to bring new official and best windows phones apps for the users. Windows phone apps published by rudy huyn appx4fun. See the complete profile on linkedin and discover rudy s connections. The dropbox app was built by rock star windows phone developer rudy huyn, the same author of the instagram, snapchat, tinder, and wikipedia apps. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. You should really get an android or iphone, says microsoft. One of them, tvshow, has actually been pulled from the windows phone store temporarily. Rudy huyn, who many of you may know as the developer of popular thirdparty clients for social media apps on windows phone, has finally joined microsoft. Rudy huyn has released 18 apps so far and the apps has been downloaded 15. Rudy huyn proposed alternative to android apps on windows. Pure also described as seamless for sex is a hookup app that lets people get down to business.

Our favorite android, ios, and windows phone apps of the week. Phone store is much easier than its on android or even ios. The 31yearold french developer is responsible for bringing thirdparty versions of popular apps like instagram, vine and tinder to windows phone, often adding his trademark 6 to the name. Rudy huyn, star windows phone developer and the source of many 3rd party apps which bring popular services to windows phone, has weighed in on the issue. Another app, the instagrambased 6tag, is also experiencing some serverside issues with video encoding. I can easily launch an app on windows phone and windows without. Popular windows phone app developer rudy huyn announced earlier today that he would be moving from being a mostly independent. Rudy huyn, whos currently one of the top windows phone developers and the man behind. Based on its history snapchat even removed rudy huyn s 6snap app that is considered as the best third party app to compliment the windows phone service and so does rudy s 6discover. View rudy huyn s profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community. Windows 10 mobiel social media client developer rudy huyn revealed on twitter that hes been gagged by snapchat lawyers on why he cant run the 6snap app. Rudy huyn releases new dropbox app for windows phone. Here is how rudy huyn, the star windows phone developer. I was able to use the device recovery tool to get everything back up.

The good news is that 6tag, a popular thirdparty instagram app for. Wikipedia app wins windows phone next app star contest. Windows phone gets its own instagram app, unofficially. Rudy huyn is working on another official windows app. I just create apps i like and want to use, he told me. I have been creating applications for windows phone 7. Huyn s approach to developing windows phone applications is simple. Congratulations to wikipedia by rudy huyn, windows phone. So, yesterday, microsoft announced 2 new tools, an android app converter and an ios app converter and you perhaps saw me in the video seriously, why film me at this exact moment.

Rudy huyn thinks microsoft garage apps should come to windows. Wellknow windows phone app developer rudy huyn is experiencing some issues with two of his creations. Then i did a hard reset and restored my setup from the backup in onedrive. Rudy huyn has updated 6tag, his unofficial instagram client for windows phone, which now provides more features than the social networks official apps on ios and android. Rudy huyn brings apps to the people microsoft news. Top windows phone dev rudy huyn blasts microsoft for its focus. Interestingly rudy said in his tweet that he still expects to work on uwp apps, a market which even. Swipe left or right, send a superlike or chat with other users, etc. Rudy huyn published 15 apps for windows phone 6tag v5. May 24, 2018 6tag is the most full featured instagram app for windows phone exclusive features support nonsquare images upload and viewer video upload from your phone emoji hashtags upload images. Snapchat for windows controversy talking about a controversy means endlessly. French developer rudy huyn is a passionate microsoft mvp whose apps have. So, now rudy has released 6tindr as 6tin to windows phone store.

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